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The Rapport team

  • Michael Cooper Michael Cooper President 212-878-9120(New York)

    I would like to be James Bond, minus the getting shot at bit

  • Margot Thornhill View Margot's LinkedIn profile Margot Thornhill Account Director 323-900 7212 (Los Angeles)

    My favorite film is Ghostbusters

  • Shlomi Helali View Shlomi's LinkedIn profile Shlomi Helali VP, Finance Director 212-551-4010(New York)

    If I could be any fictional character, I would be Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction

  • David Fries View David's LinkedIn profile David Fries Associate Media Director 212-878-9125(New York)

    I have been to over 200 concerts in the past 5 years

  • Snehann Kapnadak Snehann Kapnadak Junior Account Executive 212-878-9132(New York)

    If I could be any character from a book/movie, I would it be one of the Hardy Boys

  • Molly McCarthy Molly McCarthy Director of Print 212-878-9129(New York)

    I love the smell of fresh laundry…if it could be pumped out into the streets of NYC I would be one happy girl!

  • Juanita L. Williams View Juanita's LinkedIn profile Juanita L. Williams Account Executive 323-900-7215(Los Angeles)

    Helping and motivating others to do better inspire me

  • Andrew Weinstein Andrew Weinstein Junior Account Executive 212-878-9126(New York)

    Didn't eat a cheeseburger until college or sushi until I was 22

  • Jamie Anderson Jamie Anderson Associate Media Director 312-799-4161 (Chicago)

    I grew up in a South Dakota town of 350 people and had a graduating class of 10

  • Yasmin Pantin Yasmin Pantin Executive Assistant to Mike Cooper 646-534-9476(New York)

    I'm frequently told I look like Maya Rudolph

  • Ashley Moll View Ashley's LinkedIn profile Ashley Moll Associate Media Director 212-878-9121(New York)

    If I could be any character from a book/movie, I would be Paddington Bear

  • Vera Cai Vera Cai Junior Account Executive 323-370-8059(Los Angeles)

    I would want to teleport so I wouldn’t have to deal with LA Traffic

  • Glyn Williams View Glyn's LinkedIn profile Glyn Williams Director, West Coast 323-370-8710(Los Angeles)

    My full name is Glynnon Shale Williams - Shale is a pale, white rock

  • Rose Milgrom Rose Milgrom Studio Production Designer 212-878-9124(New York)

    I am really afraid of heights and the Apple Store's see-through stairs

  • Vanessa Macias Vanessa Macias Associate Executive 323-370-8194(Los Angeles)

    Adam West and Michael Keaton are my heroes

  • Christopher Ferranti Christopher Ferranti VP, Director of East Coast 212-878-9128(New York)

    My favorite movie is Braveheart

  • Frank Guerriero View Frank's LinkedIn profile Frank Guerriero Associate Media Director 212-878-9123(New York)

    I'd like the ability to fly - would cut my commuting costs to zero

  • Megan Kennedy View Megan's LinkedIn profile Megan Kennedy Junior Account Executive 586-753-8640(Detroit)

    I have seen every episode of the FRIENDS series

  • Jennifer Dumas Jennifer Dumas Associate Media Director 323-900-7259(Los Angeles)

    I was in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade when I was 14 years old

  • Neil Shinsako Neil Shinsako Associate Media Director 415-262-3325(Los Angeles)

    Random acts of kindness inspire me

  • Brian Rappaport Brian Rappaport Associate Media Director 212-878-9131(New York)

    I Won $12,500 on the gameshow "Let's Ask America"

  • John Coffaro John Coffaro Account Executive 212-878-9122(New York)

    I love to play volleyball and have been a bowler since 4 years old

  • Jill Rothenhauser Jill Rothenhauser Account Director 586-753-8642(Detroit)

    I love the smell of chocolate chip cookies

  • Isabel Peterson Isabel Peterson Associate Media Director 323-370-8208(Los Angeles)

    I am a die-hard UNC/Tar Heel fan

  • Laura Kmiotek Laura Kmiotek Assoc. Finance Director 212-551-4194(New York)

    I once snorkeled glacier water in Iceland where the North American and Eurasian Tectonic plates meet

  • Laura Gibson Laura Gibson Account Executive 323-900-7216(Los Angeles)

    I could probably eat Mexican food every day, if I didn’t need to count calories